What is a blue warrant?

Answer A "blue warrant" is a key step in the parole revocation process in Texas. These warrants are issued for parolees accused of violating the conditions of their release.ConditionsA paroled prisoner us... Read More »

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Blue Warrant Definition?

"Blue warrants," or pre-revocation warrants, are warrants of arrest issued in Texas for parolees who allegedly violate terms of their parole or commit new crimes. The term "blue warrant" designates... Read More »

What is a blue warrant in texas?

When a prisoner is released from jail on parole, the judge presiding over the case puts conditions on the prisoner's release. If these guidelines are not met, they are subject to rearrest.Colloquia... Read More »

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If someone has anthem blue cross blue shield through his or her current employer can that person be added to their spouse's insurance which is also anthem blue cross blue shield?

I'm not positive on this since my license was in Home Owner's and Auto Insurance, but I think the answer is yes. If you both have a separate health insurance policy through your jobs, then each of ... Read More »