How long does leg swelling last im taking blood thinner for blood clot?

Answer The process has to be slow say a week (depends on medication and underlying gross pathology), because some times the clot dislodges and anchors in heart , brain or lungs.So be patient for safe and ... Read More »

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Can you get a blood clot in your fingers?

On One Hand: Blood Clots Do Occur In The FingersAccording to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, blood clots can develop as a result of a broken bone or development of a bruise. Althoug... Read More »

How do I make my blood clot?

Apply pressure with gauze and hold it. Don't peek to see if it stopped bleeding. It should stop after around 5-10 minutes.

Can you have a blood clot in your shoulder?

Blood clots are more common in the lower body but can form in the upper body, including in the shoulder area. This is more likely to happen in those who engage in repetitive motion of the arms and ... Read More »

Can a concussion cause a blood clot?

On One Hand: Concussions and Blood Can Be ConnectedWhen someone hits his head, the injury may cause a concussion, blood clots or both. According to Neurosurgery Today's Patient Education Materials... Read More »