What is a blood bank and what are their jobs?

Answer Blood banks in the United States collect, process, and distribute blood to those who need it because of a disease, blood loss from an accident or some other condition. Blood is a complex tissue, so... Read More »

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Why shouldn't i bank cord blood in a public bank?

Why not? Even the AAP recommends people to donate cord blood in public cord blood bank. The donation is free of charge and it costs around $35000 when retrieved. A mom only needs to sign all the ne... Read More »

What Tools Do Mechanics Need for Their Jobs?

Although many retailers sell pre-packaged mechanic's tool kits, these kits may lack things a mechanic needs to work on engines. Having the necessary tools is essential to any successful job. Many m... Read More »

What do you think of CEO's who outsource all their US jobs to give themselves a higher bonus?

I'm angry about all of the jobs that are outsourced from we Americans. Just because you can get coding or other work done in India or another country cheaper, does not mean you should.It is hurtin... Read More »

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