If mother is O blood type and father is A blood type - what blood type will the baby have?

Answer Let's go to genotypes... If it's AA X OO= AO, AO, AO, AO --> 100% Blood type A (AO) If it's AO X OO= AO, AO, OO, OO --> 50% Blood type A (AO), 50% Blood type of O (OO)

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If a father has o negative blood and the mother has o positive blood what will happen to the fetus?

If the fetus is O positive, there will be no problem. If the fetus is O negative and is the first O negative baby, nothing will happen to it, but the subsequent O negative fetuses will be miscarrie... Read More »

If a person spots pink and brown blood one day then dark red blood the next day with tiny blood clots and hasn't started her period does this mean she is pregnant and should take a hpt?

Anytime that you feel that you may be pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test.However if you feel that you may be pregnant and are having a significant amount of bleeding or cramping you sho... Read More »

What is the best sample for the determination of blood pH and blood gases?

What type of blood is suitable for a blood transplant?

Blood transfusions are a safe, common way to replace blood after accidents, injury or even surgery. The transfusion occurs when a donor's blood is added to the recipient's blood. Transfusions are a... Read More »