What is a blockade ?

Answer A blockade is a military maneuver, akin to a form of siege. The aim is to cut off an enemy nation, city or holding from any form of supply, eventually forcing the enemy to capitulate.HostilityA blo... Read More »

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What is a naval blockade?

It is when a sea power (navy) blocks a port or harbor keeping other ships from coming or going. It cuts a city from receiving or send supplies and reinforcements.

What Is the Berlin Blockade?

After World War II, the Soviet Union and Western countries vied for control of Europe in a period known as the Cold War. One event that cemented their roles as adversaries was the Berlin blockade, ... Read More »

What was the british blockade of boston?

The British blockade of Boston was ordered by Parliament in March of 1774 as a direct response to the Boston Tea Party that happened in December of 1773.PrologueAccording to a time line developed b... Read More »

What purpose did the blockade serve the British?

The Royal Navy used the blockade, or the use of ships to prevent another nation from engaging in trade or communications, to give Great Britain the advantage during wartime. The blockade could depr... Read More »