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Answer 2005

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How to Block Well in Football?

Blocking is crucial for the offense. It helps protect the quarterback when passing, and makes holes for running backs to run through. Failure to block will cause the offense to die.

How do I loop back a T1 line at the 66 block?

A T1 line can give you a blazing-fast connection to the Internet. Using only four copper conductors, you can get download speeds that will allow you to watch movies and television without the annoy... Read More »

How to Block from the Running Back Position?

All running backs, at some point or another, must protect their quarterback. Either during pass protection, or possibly on a read option. Here are a few basic things that will help you block larger... Read More »

Should I go back to football practice if muscle ( LAT) is sore?

You need some professional advice.Please go to see the doctor as soon as possible.