What is a black diamond?

Answer Black diamonds, also referred to as carbonados, belong to the family of diamond known as fancies (diamonds that naturally occur with shades of color). While some diamonds are desired because they ... Read More »

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White diamond shirt or black diamond shirt?

I like the white one, plus it will go with a lot more :)

How to Buy a Black Diamond?

Black Diamonds have become THE diamonds for current diamond jewelry,surpassing all colored diamond categories. Must be the mystery of the color black.The theories of Black Diamond formation have mu... Read More »

What is a Black Diamond Worth?

Black diamonds are gaining popularity in jewelry. What a black diamond is worth depends on a variety of factors--especially treatments and carat weight--but are worth less than colorless diamonds.B... Read More »

Is there such a thing as a black diamond?

Black diamonds, once shunned by the jewelry industry as being nothing more than shiny coal, are staples of jewelry retailers. The black color comes from carbon. In clear diamonds, the carbon underg... Read More »