If you were a biscuit, What biscuit would you be?

Answer Walkers double Belgian Chocolate.

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What is a whisker biscuit?

A Whisker Biscuit is a brand of arrow rest for use in bowhunting and archery. It helps hold the arrow in line while the bow is being drawn.IdentificationThe Whisker Biscuit arrow rest is a circular... Read More »

What is a rusk biscuit?

Many countries have a traditional dry cookie recipe. Rusks, often eaten in South Africa and England, are similar to Italian biscotti, German zwieback and Swedish skorpor.CharacteristicsRusks are re... Read More »

What is a biscuit jointer?

A biscuit jointer is a power tool used for woodworking joinery. The biscuit joiner cuts a crescent-shaped cut into the edge of the board and a biscuit. An oval piece of wood is used to connect the... Read More »

What is the best dunking biscuit in the world?

Penguin Bars. Ginger Nuts make the tea too spicy and Digestives, Hobnobs don't really have any special flavour. With penguins you can do the "Straw Trick":Bite opposite corners off your Penguin Bar... Read More »