How to Hit a Birdie?

Answer Some people believe that the game of badminton evolved from the ancient Chinese game "Ti Juan Zu," in which players kicked, as opposed to hit, the "birdie" to move it. Today, we play the game with ... Read More »

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Where and when did the term, "Look at the Birdie", come from?

In the early days of portrait photo photography, especially for the children, the photographer would hold a small, stuff, toy bird and wiggle it a little so the children might think it was real and... Read More »

What is the term used in golf for a score of one over the par for the golf hole?

The golf term for one over par (par being the average number of strokes for a hole or a course) is a bogey--e.g. a score of 4 on a par 3 hole. Even worse, a double bogey is a score of 2 over par f... Read More »

What is the best golf course near Whispering Hills Golf Estates, Florida?

Walkabout Golf and Country Club is the highest-rated golf course near Whispering Hills Golf Estates, Florida, with a rating of four out of five stars from members. Located in Mims, Flo... Read More »

How to Protect Your Golf Clubs With a Golf Travel Case?

If you're thinking about taking a golf vacation, or just bringing your clubs along on your next business trip, one of the best investments you can make is a Golf Travel Case. These cases come in tw... Read More »