Ways to Teach the Biosphere?

Answer Effective teaching about the biosphere engages students in the study of life on Earth. Students have the opportunity to learn about ecology, biology, evolution and earth science while they explore ... Read More »

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What Cycles Are Molecules Passed Around In Again & Again Within the Biosphere?

Cycles that move molecules throughout the world and into living things again and again are called biogeochemical cycles. Only atoms that can exist, both as building blocks of living organisms and o... Read More »

Effects in the Biosphere of Melting Permafrost?

Permafrost is frozen land that does not thaw for two or more years in regions where the average annual temperature is below freezing. According to National Geographic, permafrost underlies approxim... Read More »

What Are All the Living Organisms in the Biosphere & Their Effects on Each Called?

Ecology is the subfield of biology that studies how organisms interact. It also studies how the environment affects organisms and vice versa. According to the text "Ecology: From Individuals to Eco... Read More »