What is a bionic eye?

Answer Technology is being finalized to create a bionic eye, which is an implant that will connect man-made electronics with biological neurons in order to restore the sight of people suffering from age-r... Read More »

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What was the sci-fi show where one of the character wore a collar and was psychic Another had a bionic arm?

Sarah Lancashire played Miss Foster in the Doctor Who episode Partners in Crime.

Who played the Bionic Woman?

Actress Lindsay Wagner played the title role in the 1976 TV series, "The Bionic Woman". Her character, Jaime Sommers, was a tennis player given great strength and abilities through cybernetic impla... Read More »

Is it possible to have a bionic eye?

I am not sure. However, I would not want to meet someone with a bionic eye, that would be creepy.

How does the bionic ear work?

Bionics is the melding of biological science with engineering. A "bionic ear" is actually a cochlear implant that allows the deaf to hear the spoken word.The Idea Behind Bionic HearingGraeme Clark,... Read More »