What is a biometric passport?

Answer Passports are a standard requirement for international travel. Passports have now become a new front for experimental technology. Technological advancements have created the biometric passport. A b... Read More »

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What is a biometric?

Some of your looks and behavior quirks are shared by people around you, but others are uniquely yours. Scientists can use these unique characteristics and behaviors, called your biometrics, to dist... Read More »

What does biometric mean in INS law?

According to the U.S. Department of State, biometrics are measurements of physical characteristics, such as fingerprint records or facial recognitions or iris scans, stored in a database for identi... Read More »

How many months does a German passport holder need on his passport to enter the US?

Would imagine a min. of 6 months as with other EU passes. This would be what should remain on your passport when you leave The US though. I was in a similar situation and had enough time to get a n... Read More »

How Is a Biometric Device Used?

Biometric devices use a person's physical characteristics to identify them by scanning their irises or fingerprints for the sake of security. Biometrics are an alternative to such security measures... Read More »