What is a biometric device?

Answer As security is becoming more of a concern, our own biological characteristics may be the best method for securing information. Once a technology straight from science fiction stories, biometrics is... Read More »

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What is the purpose of a biometric device?

The overall purpose of biometrics is to use a unique characteristic, such as a fingerprint or voice as a security measure. These devices are used by a variety of organizations, ranging from college... Read More »

What is a Computer Biometric Device?

A biometric device uses an element of your body--usually your fingerprints--to verify your identity. The typical usage of a biometric device involves swiping a finger across a surface to unlock a w... Read More »

How Is a Biometric Device Used?

Biometric devices use a person's physical characteristics to identify them by scanning their irises or fingerprints for the sake of security. Biometrics are an alternative to such security measures... Read More »

What is a biometric?

Some of your looks and behavior quirks are shared by people around you, but others are uniquely yours. Scientists can use these unique characteristics and behaviors, called your biometrics, to dist... Read More »