What is a biometric device?

Answer As security is becoming more of a concern, our own biological characteristics may be the best method for securing information. Once a technology straight from science fiction stories, biometrics is... Read More »

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How Is a Biometric Device Used?

Biometric devices use a person's physical characteristics to identify them by scanning their irises or fingerprints for the sake of security. Biometrics are an alternative to such security measures... Read More »

What is the purpose of a biometric device?

The overall purpose of biometrics is to use a unique characteristic, such as a fingerprint or voice as a security measure. These devices are used by a variety of organizations, ranging from college... Read More »

What is a Computer Biometric Device?

A biometric device uses an element of your body--usually your fingerprints--to verify your identity. The typical usage of a biometric device involves swiping a finger across a surface to unlock a w... Read More »

I want to record live music (guitar, vocals etc) using a portable digital device. What device is best to use?

I have a Firepod by Presonus with recording software from Cubase. It's like having a professional recording studio tied to your home computer.If you care, I have a website at Read More »