What is a bilge pump?

Answer If you've ever wondered how boats sink when docked, the answer is often a malfunctioning or poorly installed bilge pump. Whether in a pleasure boat or an industrial one, bilge pumps are a necessit... Read More »

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How to Wire a Bilge Pump?

Designed to remove bilge water, the bilge pump is an indispensable part of any boat, yacht or sailing vessel. The installation of this pump, however, can be one of many costly additions to your boa... Read More »

Installation Instructions for a Bilge Pump?

Almost all boats take on water by one means or another. Boat shaft seals leak or hull fittings loosen, allowing water to enter the deck area. Rough running seas, water over the bow and rain can als... Read More »

How to Wire an Automatic Bilge Pump?

An automatic bilge switch could be the only thing that prevents your boat from sinking in the harbor while you spend the week at work. "Automatic" is typically one of three switch settings, the oth... Read More »

How to Wire a Three-Way Bilge Pump?

A bilge pump is an important part of a boat's safety equipment. A broken through-hull or hose can allow 79 gallons or water per minute or over 4,700 gallons per hour into a boat's hull, according t... Read More »