What is a bigger file, MP3 or Windows Media Audio?

Answer When an MP3 or WMA file is encoded, the person doing the encoding selects a bit rate according to the quality desired. The bit rate represents the amount of storage space used for each second of au... Read More »

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How do I convert a movie file to a Windows Media audio file?

Download and install Free Video Converter or another such program that will convert among various video file formats. Free Video Converter is recommended because it is free, fast, easy and it works... Read More »

Can I change the pitch of an audio file& save it in Windows Media Player?

Windows Media Player is designed to play and organize a variety of audio files; however, it will not let you change the pitch of a file. To change the pitch or octave of an audio file you will need... Read More »

How to Capture Audio With Windows Media Player?

As record and tape players become scarcer, you may find that it is time to convert your outdated music formats to WMA files, which will both preserve the data and allow you to listen to it on readi... Read More »

How do I add audio book to Windows Media Player?

Downloading EbooksDownload an audio book for free from a website by right clicking on the file. Select "Save As" and save to a designated folder such as "My Music." Open Windows Media Player and se... Read More »