What is a bidet toilet?

Answer The bidet (pronounced 'be-day') toilet has a nozzle for washing the anus and genitals after using the toilet. Some bidets even have an air dryer to dry the area after washing.Source:BioBidetCleanButt

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Bidet Vs. Toilet?

Bidets and toilets work in tandem. Bidets are a cleaning method after elimination similar in function to toilet paper but more hygienic. Some bidets can be attached to toilet seats, and in some Asi... Read More »

How to Add a Bidet to a Standard Toilet?

Bidets are not as common in the U.S. as in Europe, but adding a bidet to your bathroom can help you keep clean after using the toilet. With an attachment-style bidet, added plumbing connections are... Read More »

What is a bidet ?

The word bidet has two meanings, one clearly more apt to be used than the other. The Oxford English Dictionary dates its first usage back to 1630. It is of French origin and in English is pronounce... Read More »

What is a bidet for?

A bidet is used to clean the genital and anal region after using a toilet. They are primarily used in Europe, though they are gaining popularity in the United States. In a standard bathroom, they w... Read More »