What is a bicycle pump?

Answer A bicycle pump is a small piece of machinery used for inflating bicycle tires. The pump has a hose that connects to the tire via the valve on the wheel. It then funnels air into the tire until it i... Read More »

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My Bicycle Pump Won't Work?

Whether you are a casual or competitive cyclist--or somewhere in between--you should own a bicycle pump. Floor pumps are designed to stay at home for use pre- and post-ride. Keeping the proper air ... Read More »

How to Use a Bicycle Pump to Fill an Air Tank?

Compressed air is useful for many things. It can pump up flat tires, run a variety of air tools, or simply be used to clean a bit of dirt out of a crevice. In order to create and use compressed air... Read More »

How to Install a Bicycle Pump Side Clip?

A bicycle pump is an invaluable asset for any cyclist. With hazards such as glass and other debris peppering the road, flat tires are an unfortunate reality. Sensibly, some cyclists choose to carry... Read More »

Do you lubricate the leather washer for a bicycle pump?

Bicycle pump washers are made from porous leather animal hides. When greasy substances are rubbed onto a piece of animal hide, the leather plumps-up slightly as the grease enters into the absorbent... Read More »