What is a bezel set gemstone?

Answer A bezel set gemstone is a precious stone that is attached to a piece of jewelry in a bezel setting. Bezel settings hold gemstones in place around the edges like a picture frame. This allows the gem... Read More »

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What is a LCD bezel?

The outside edges of the (Liquid Crystal Display) screen. (or any screen for that manner) The Bezel is the border or edge of any viewing screen.

What can the Samsung TV bezel do for you?

A Samsung TV bezel does nothing for you in particular. The bezel is a frame for your TV. However, there is a panel on the bezel that controls various TV functions such as volume, power and channel ... Read More »

What is a bezel set diamond?

The bezel setting is popular for diamond wedding rings as well as other types of diamond rings. It has a classic, elegant look and can be used in many ring designs.StyleA bezel set diamond lies flu... Read More »

What is a bezel on a watch?

The bezel is the outside edge of the face of a watch. Sometimes these can spin and have numbers on them; at other times, they are ornately jeweled and more for decoration.References:Merriam-Webster... Read More »