What is a bezel set diamond?

Answer The bezel setting is popular for diamond wedding rings as well as other types of diamond rings. It has a classic, elegant look and can be used in many ring designs.StyleA bezel set diamond lies flu... Read More »

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What is the Difference Between a Diamond & a Diamond Solitaire?

Diamonds are the most precious and desired of all gemstones. When cut and faceted, they have an ability to reflect light to a mesmerizing degree, and they capture both attention and hearts with the... Read More »

What is a LCD bezel?

The outside edges of the (Liquid Crystal Display) screen. (or any screen for that manner) The Bezel is the border or edge of any viewing screen.

What is a bezel set gemstone?

A bezel set gemstone is a precious stone that is attached to a piece of jewelry in a bezel setting. Bezel settings hold gemstones in place around the edges like a picture frame. This allows the gem... Read More »

What can the Samsung TV bezel do for you?

A Samsung TV bezel does nothing for you in particular. The bezel is a frame for your TV. However, there is a panel on the bezel that controls various TV functions such as volume, power and channel ... Read More »