What is a bevel gear used for?

Answer A bevel gear is used in a system in which two shafts intersect and the teeth are conically shaped. This enables the teeth to remain flush even in situations where the two shafts are 90 degrees apar... Read More »

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What Is a bevel gear?

A bevel gear has teeth mounted on a truncated conical shape, giving the gear a tapered appearance. Bevel gears are many times used to change the direction of axle rotation.References:How Stuff Work... Read More »

How to Bevel a Door?

A bevel is a slope or indentation cut in a door on the lock side so the door closes smoothly without jamming into the frame. The hinge adds a bit of width to the door that needs to be accounted for... Read More »

How to Bevel Brake Pads?

Disc brakes can begin to make strange noises after new brake pads have been installed. New brake pads emit loud squealing and squeaky noises before they are properly bedded to the rotor. One way to... Read More »

How is a bevel cut made on wood?

Bevel cuts are used in woodworking to add to the look of a finished piece and are often part of the fundamental structure of a wooden item. There are a variety of power and hand tools which can mak... Read More »