What is a bevel gear used for?

Answer A bevel gear is used in a system in which two shafts intersect and the teeth are conically shaped. This enables the teeth to remain flush even in situations where the two shafts are 90 degrees apar... Read More »

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What Is a bevel gear?

A bevel gear has teeth mounted on a truncated conical shape, giving the gear a tapered appearance. Bevel gears are many times used to change the direction of axle rotation.References:How Stuff Work... Read More »

I'm learning to drive, whats the clutch used for I know to change gear what else?

The clutch is used to make a solid connection between the engine and the rest of the drive train. When you press on the clutch, you separate the engine from the drive train. This allows you to ch... Read More »

What is the bevel on the Masamoto chef's knife?

The bevel of a knife is the shape of the blade. The Masamoto chef's knife has an asymmetrical bevel. This type of bevel does make the knife slightly sharper, according to ConsumerSearch but it make... Read More »

Gear Equipment Used by the Cowboys?

Cowboys in the 1800s selected their personal items for their practical use. Every item that the cowboy wore or carried with him was essential to his lifestyle and most of it was often used until i... Read More »