What is a better bat, metal or wooden?

Answer On One Hand: Metal Bats Perform BetterBaseballs bounce off of a metal bat faster than they bounce off of a wooden bat. Every year, metal bat manufacturers are producing bats with more power, higher... Read More »

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Will a metal or wooden baseball bat hit farther?

A ball hit with a metal bat will travel farther than one hit with a wooden bat because balls come off a metal bat faster than they do off a wood bat, according to Kettering University. Aluminum bat... Read More »

Do metal bats hit harder than wooden ones?

Aluminum bats outperform metal bats in optimum speed and force. They can be swung faster and have a larger area termed "sweet spot" where the ball can bounce off the bat with top force.References:"... Read More »

Do people have a Bread Box and if so, is it wooden, plastic, or metal?

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Metal bed rails that pair with a wooden headboard have hooks on the ends that fit into each leg. These metal ends fit inside the headboard and hold the bed rails tight against the headboard, creati... Read More »