What is a beneficiary IRA account?

Answer A beneficiary IRA is an IRA which was owned by a person who is now deceased, and from which funds are distributed to its beneficiary(ies).Types of IRAsBeneficiary IRAs (individual retirement accoun... Read More »

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Is a Beneficiary IRA a retirement account?

A Beneficiary IRA is a retirement account of an individual who inherited the IRA of someone who is now deceased. The rules for annual distributions from a beneficiary IRA differ from those of other... Read More »

Can you name your trust as the beneficiary of your retirement account?

You can name your trust as the beneficiary of your retirement account. However, financial expert Jim Brogan warns that it can be a a complicated process that can create increased taxes and loss of ... Read More »

What is a beneficiary IRA?

People who directly inherit an individual retirement account (IRA) may roll the money into a beneficiary IRA, also known as an inherited IRA or stretch IRA. Though they are required to take distrib... Read More »

What is a contingent beneficiary for an IRA?

The contingent beneficiary of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) refers to the individual who would receive the assets in an IRA if the owner of the IRA died and the primary beneficiary was un... Read More »