Can i fly with a bench warrant?

Answer On One Hand: You're Subject To ArrestAccording to online legal database, a bench warrant issued by a judge instructs police to arrest you if they find you. Since flying often includes s... Read More »

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How to Get a Bench Warrant Enforced?

A bench warrant is a type of arrest warrant issued by a judge or magistrate. These warrants are issued when a person ignores or fails to comply with the orders of the court, typically by failing to... Read More »

What is an outstanding bench warrant?

If you have been subpoenaed to appear in court and did not appear, or received a citation but failed to appear in court to answer it, a bench warrant may have been issued for your arrest.What is a ... Read More »

What is a felony bench warrant?

A felony bench warrant is a warrant issued by the court when a person has failed to come to court as ordered or for not following some requirement placed on the defendant by the judge previously.Pu... Read More »

Will I be arrested if I have a bench warrant?

On One Hand: You Could Be Arrested.A warrant issued by a judge authorizing a police officer to arrest a person is called a bench warrant. If the person is arrested, the person will be brought befo... Read More »