What is a bedding coverlet?

Answer A coverlet is a lightweight bed cover, usually cotton-backed, used to decorate a bed or to top it during warm months. Traditionally coverlets are somewhat narrower, shorter and thinner than bedspre... Read More »

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What is a coverlet used for?

A coverlet is a type of blanket typically used as the topmost layer of bedding. Sometimes called a bedspread, the coverlet provides some warmth and is generally decorated to enhance the appearance ... Read More »

How to Sew a Coverlet?

Make a coverlet, also known as a bedspread, as a decorative covering for your bed. Coverlets are not difficult to sew, and if you are making a coverlet for appearance rather than warmth, it can be ... Read More »

What is a quilted coverlet?

A coverlet goes on the top of a bed. Coverlets can either be woven on looms using elaborate weaving patterns or quilted. They are both decorative and practical. Since coverlets are lightweight, the... Read More »

How Do I Care for a Silk Coverlet?

Silk is an expensive fabric used in clothing and bedding, including silk coverlets that add a touch of luxury to bedrooms. Many owners of silk bedding believe that once soiled or stained, the cover... Read More »