What is a bed called in the Navy?

Answer A rack.

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Why is the Navy called the Navy?

The term "Navy" is from the Latin word "Navis", meaning a ship, vessel, or boat. The definition of a "Navy" is a collection, or fleet, of ships, vessels, or boats.

Why is Old Navy called Old Navy?

Old Navy was named after a cafe in Paris, France.

What is it called when you qualify for the 9mm in the navy?

There are 3 levels of qualifications in the Navy. Marksman, Sharpshooter, and Expert.

What are Navy Recruits called?

The official term for a Enlisted Navy Recruit is "Seaman Recruit". For Officers attending the Naval Academy, they are know as "Midshipmen". clown, recruit, seaman, idiot, screw up. pretty much watc... Read More »