What is a bay leaf tree?

Answer The bay leaf, or Laurus nobilis, flourishes in warm climates similar to the Mediterranean. This hardy evergreen comes in the form of a shrub or small tree and can grow as tall as 60 feet.Other Name... Read More »

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What tree does the bay leaf come from?

The bay leaf comes from the ancient Mediterranean bay laurel tree. This tree has been cultivated since history has been recorded. Bay leaves are often used in marinara sauces. Bay leaves have a str... Read More »

What is the scientific name for a Stuart pecan tree leaf?

The scientific name for the Stuart pecan tree, the most common pecan cultivar, grown primarily in the southeastern United States, is "Carya illinoensis." These trees are strong and require less pr... Read More »

What part of the tree does a bay leaf come from?

What part of the tree does a bay LEAF come from? I think you answered your own question.

What aromatic leaf from the laurel tree is used as a herb?