What is the bastard law?

Answer the one that banned smoking in pubs. That law was a right bastard

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How to Make a Suffering Bastard?

The Suffering Bastard was created by Joe Scialom at the Shepherd's Hotel in Cairo in the early 20th century. It's a refreshing, long drink that's excellent during hot weather. Careful, though: it's... Read More »

Where can you watch bastard out of Carolina online for free?

Where can I watch ''Bastard out of Carolina''tv shows for free?

My landlord just installed a coin oparated washer and dryer,cheat bastard,is there anyway i can get past payin?

As a landlord, why should he GIVE you a washer and dryer? My tenents BEGGED me for a coin operated washer and dryer so they didn't have to drive to a laundry. If you try and rig it so you don't hav... Read More »

Why was kava kava removed from rat bastard root beer?

It could be all the hype about kava damaging the liver. It doesn't, but maybe they don't want to take any chances? IDK why they would do that now, kava and liver damage is very old news. Pacific Is... Read More »

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