What is a bass flute?

Answer People often think of high-pitched music in association with the flute, but the flute family also includes lower range instruments such as the bass flute.DefinitionThe term "bass flute" refers to a... Read More »

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Is the flute bass clef or treble clef?

The concert flute uses the treble clef, or "G clef." There is a bass flute that uses the bass clef, but these flutes are rare due to their low timbre, which is easily overpowered by other instrumen... Read More »

Is the flute bass cleff or treble cleff?

Because the flute can play notes from middle C and higher, it is in treble clef or "G clef." Treble clef is for most instruments that play in a higher octave, such as the oboe, piccolo, clarinet, s... Read More »

What are the best dubstep songs with the best bass whomping and bass drops?

I got tons. Some of them have long build ups but the drops are MINDBLOWING.Medison - Harry feat. Skrein (Bare Noize Remix) This one's a good mix of light and has GREAT bass whomping mixed in. Defin... Read More »

Im thinking about starting to play the bass would this be a good bass to get?

no i would start with more of a beginner one. my first one sucked, it was a drive. but thats just how it always is. also, you dont want to spend too much first off just in case you quit, not saying... Read More »