What is a bass drum trigger?

Answer Using triggers on bass drums and other parts of an acoustic drum kit is an effective way to turn a drum set into an acoustic/electric hybrid. Triggers are small electronic sensors that are placed o... Read More »

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Can a bass drum trigger be plugged into a bass amp?

According to, most modern bass amplifier cabinets can support frequencies as low as 42Hz, and sometimes lower, which makes them perfect for running a bass drum trigger through.Refere... Read More »

What is a drum trigger used for?

Drum triggers convert the energy used to sound a drum into electrical impulses, allowing the resulting sound to be synthesized digitally into other sounds. These sounds may include drum samples (so... Read More »

What was the original purpose of the bass drum?

When referring to bass drums in music, they were originally created for the purpose of keeping time. Marching bands use bass drums to set the beat for them to march to.References:"The History of Mu... Read More »

What country did the bass drum come from?

The bass drum was adopted by 18th century European military bands from the Turkish "davul", or "tabl turki", which originated in the 14th century. Until the early 19th century, military-style march... Read More »