What is a basin wrench?

Answer A basin wrench is a tool designed for use in the tight spaces under a sink. The basin wrench can grasp and turn nuts that might be impossible to reach with a regular wrench.SituationTo replace a si... Read More »

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Where is the red river basin on a map?

The Red River, one of the few north-flowing rivers in the United States, forms the border between Minnesota and North Dakota as it flows north into Canada. A map of the Red River drainage basin ca... Read More »

What is a basin wrench used for?

A basin wrench is typically used for plumbing jobs that are in areas that are difficult to access, such as working behind a sink. A basin wrench has a long handle and hook-shaped jaws that make it ... Read More »

What region is the Amazon Basin in?

The Amazon River basin is in South America, primarily in Brazil. The largest river basin in the world, it is about 4,200 miles long and 2.7 million square miles in area.References:Smithsonian Natio... Read More »

What is the size of the Amazon basin?

The Amazon basin, located in South America, covers 2,722,000 square miles, roughly 40 percent of Brazil's total size. The basin is 4,195 miles long, making it the largest river basin in the world, ... Read More »