What is the cheat code to unlock Spider-Man's black suit on Spider-Man 3?

Answer There is no cheat code to get Spider-Man's black suit in the game "Spider Man 3." In order to unlock the black suit, you must collect all 50 spider emblems and defeat Venom, the final boss.Referenc... Read More »

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I've been bitten by a spider, will i become spider-man?

What is the origin of the phrase"my dogs are barking"?

You've probably heard people say that their dogs are barking, but there weren't any dogs around. Maybe you thought the speaker had gotten a message from home---or was hearing things. But the phrase... Read More »

How to Make Spider Decorations for a Spider-Man Birthday Party?

Making spider decorations for a birthday party is not difficult. This decoration, a spider on a web, requires only a handful of materials and three tools: scissors, glue and tape. With the exceptio... Read More »

What is the meaning of the adage about barking dogs?

The old adage, "My dogs are barking" is a complaint made by individuals whose feet are hurting after a long period of standing or walking. The history of the phrase is rooted in slang.HistoryAccord... Read More »