What is a bark collar?

Answer Bark collars are an effective way to train a dog not to bark, and work both indoors and outdoors.Shock CollarsShock collars automatically detect the vibration in a dog's throat when it barks and em... Read More »

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How to Put a Collar on a Cat?

Collar on!Cats can be a little feisty if you try to put a collar on them, especially if they're used to not wearing one (which is often the case if you're dealing with an adult cat). It's a little ... Read More »

How to Put an E Collar On Your Pet?

There are special protective collars called E-collars, that are made especially for your pet. These E-collars will prevent your pet from licking at an area that's just recently had a surgery or fro... Read More »

How come my dog does not bark?

If you have a good guard dog with a healthy voice, you may sometimes wish this wasn't the case, although barking is protective and useful. However, there are some dogs that either cannot bark, do ... Read More »

How do you feed a cat with an e-collar on?

Your cat comes home from the vet's office after surgery and refuses to eat or drink because the Elizabethan collar (E-collar) recommended by your veterinarian causes him untold amounts of stress. H... Read More »