Can I apply for Starbucks as Barista even if I don't have any expirience as a Barista?

Answer Yes, they will train you.

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What is the hourly wage for a Starbucks barista?

According to PayScale, as of June 2010, a barista at Starbucks makes a median hourly rate of $8.63. Other Starbucks employee wages include those of a cashier who earns $7.72, a store manager who ge... Read More »

In barista/coffee terminology, what does the word "flow" mean?

The rate at which the water moves through the machine.

What makes a perfect barista (coffee maker) in your opinion?

ok lets get one thing straight, a barista does not make coffee and just do that, a barista does not work at starbucks or dunkin donuts, a barista is a specially trained person, with an education th... Read More »

How to Become an Effective Barista?

You've drunk it, but do you know how to make it?"I'd like a grande in a venti half-caf nonfat no foam with whip extra hot caramel drizzle latte". You hear that in the middle of a morning rush, but ... Read More »