What is a banknote?

Answer A banknote is a promissory note issued by a bank, which originally guaranteed the bearer payment upon demand in a more tangible type of currency. Modern banknotes (or paper money) are not generall... Read More »

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What is a Norwegian banknote?

The Norwegian currency unit is the krone (plural kroner), which means crown. Each krone consists of 100 ore. The coins available are 50 ore and 1, 5, 10 and 20 kroner. The banknotes come in values ... Read More »

Are there any websites that let you print out a banknote?

You can do this yourself with a sample of a banknote and a good scanner and color printer.If you don't mind spending the best years of your life in jail tossing salad.The government frowns on this ... Read More »

How do you scan a banknote into a computer?

What you do is to expand it in photoshop (make it bigger) and it will print afterward. If you are not sure, bring it to your local print shop. They will scan it for you.