Where is the bane on sja monster hunt?

Answer Okey doke! Listen up now.1. Go to the characters.2. See the Doctor? (David Tennant)3. Click on the Doctor.4. The Bane will be hiding at the bottom of the page on the right side.5. All done!

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Are reality sHow is a bane?

i think its the one your looking for but...The Ting Tings (great dj)

Where can you find the bane on sja alien hunt?

Go on attic. Then go to secret files and she is on the left hand side.

Where do you find the bane on the sja monster hunt?

You go on the Sarah Jane adventures site,click on characters,click on the doctor and then you go down a little and look down on the right and there it is,the bane.

Are reality shows a boon or bane?