What is a banana stalk called?

Answer It is called a pseudo stem.

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Do banana pepper plants have a purple stalk?

Banana peppers grow on a green, woody stem. The peppers have a banana shape and develop a greenish-yellow color similar to an unripe banana. The pepper ripens to an orange, red or yellow. The plant... Read More »

Which country is called the banana republic?

Most Central America countries, including banana producers El Salvador, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala, earned the name banana republics at some point. The name, which carries a negative connotatio... Read More »

What is a stalk of green onions one or more?

If you plant a grape stalk, what will grow from it?

Grapevines will grow from ripened, hardwood cuttings. Cut a 9- to 12-inch stalk with three to four buds in the dormant season. Treat the stalk with rooting hormone and plant it in a trench lined wi... Read More »