What is a ballot box?

Answer A ballot box is a container used to hold ballots during an election. It is typically designed so that the ballots, which are slips of paper, are placed inside through a slot. After the election is ... Read More »

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What is a proxy ballot?

A proxy ballot is one that stockholders of a company can use to vote on corporate business matters without being present at meetings. A stockholder can also use such a ballot to transfer voting rig... Read More »

When was the punch card ballot first used?

The punch-card ballot made its U.S. debut in 1964. Two counties in Georgia used the ballots in the 1964 presidential primary election. Following problems with the ballots in Florida in the 2000 pre... Read More »

How to Type a Ballot for a Sorority Election?

Typing out a ballot for sorority elections can be done in a few, simple steps. While there are some preliminary steps that must be completed prior to creating the ballot, actually creating the ball... Read More »

How much money does it take to get on the primary election ballot?

In Washington State, the filing fee is 1 percent of the salary of the office if the salary is more than $1,000, or $10 if the salary is $1,000 or less. Filing is free if the office has no fixed sal... Read More »