What is a ball and socket joint?

Answer There are many kinds of joints within the skeletal system that allow for certain degrees of movement. One kind is the ball and socket joint, which is effective for any rotational motions.Definition... Read More »

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Is the knee a ball and socket joint?

The knee is not a ball and socket joint. It is considered a condylar joint, or hinge joint, because it moves in only one direction. The knee joint is called a condylar joint because the femur has t... Read More »

How to Make a Model of a Ball & Socket Joint?

Found in nature but also used in human-made machines, the ball and socket joint is a structure like no other. Consisting of a round ball (on the end of a shaft) nestled in a cuplike socket, this jo... Read More »

Ball & Socket Movement?

Ball and socket movement occurs when a roughly round object (the ball) rotates in a cup-shaped object (the socket). In the human body, ball and socket joints create ball and socket movement. Humans... Read More »

How to Make a Ball and Socket?

There are many aspects of human anatomy that you may want to teach your students, including the specific parts of a ball-and-socket joint. One way to show what a ball-and-socket joint looks like an... Read More »