What is a bail bond hearing?

Answer A bail bond hearing, or arraignment, is the accused person's first appearance in court after being arrested. The judge will decide only whether to set bail and the amount of bail.BeginningIn the co... Read More »

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How much do I pay for a bail bond of $25,000?

What you pay for a bail bond of $25,000 depends on whether your bond is for a state or federal crime. For a federal bond you will pay 15 percent of $25,000 or $3,750. If it is a state bond the paym... Read More »

What exactly is a bail bond?

The Free Dictionary explains that a bail bond is a written document that allows a defendant to leave prison on the pledge that he will return to face trial at a specified date. The defendant promis... Read More »

Who can revoke someone's bail bond?

The court has the right to revoke a bail bond if the defendant is failing to meet the conditions of his release. In some states like California, a bail bondsman has the right to revoke the defendan... Read More »

Bail Bond Certifications?

Bail bondsman, or bail bond agents, are criminal justice professionals who act as a go-between for defendants and the courts system. Defendants provide money or property to agents as a guarantee th... Read More »