How many calories in one baguette?

Answer 70 grams of baguette equals 200 calories.

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How to Make a Felt Baguette?

A felt baguette is a child's pretend food dream. He can serve this fake loaf of French bread along with a felt salad and a dish of felt pasta for a complete faux meal. You can find the sheets of fe... Read More »

How to Use Perforated Baguette Pans?

You can get a professional, crispy crust on your homemade baguettes if you use the correct pan. A perforated baguette pan allows air to flow around the loaf, preventing sogginess. Using a baking st... Read More »

Can you read through a baguette cut diamond?

Diamonds are transparent; however, they bend light which distorts the ability to read through a diamond. The measurement of a diamond's ability to bend light, or its refraction, is 2.417. Therefore... Read More »

Difference Between French & Baguette Bread?

Baguette bread has become a symbol of France, with its distinctive long shape. It is a staple of French diets and is sold all over France, the price being set by the government. In addition to ba... Read More »