What is a bad ohms reading for a o2 sensor?

Answer The o2 sensor is bad if the engine displays some loss of power because this causes the engine to use too much gas and produce too much pollution . Typically, Ohm readings of less than 310 indicates... Read More »

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Do crate amplifiers have 4 ohms or 8 ohms?

When a Crate amplifier is plugged into a single speaker cabinet with a resistance of 8 ohms, the resistance is 8 ohms. When the same amp is plugged in parallel to two speakers at 8 ohms, the amplif... Read More »

Is it ok to put an 8 ohms speakers to a 6 ohms receiver?

Disregard all previous answers. I wish people who didn't know what they are talking about would stop answering technical questions. END OF RANT.What you are describing will not hurt any of your e... Read More »

What's better 4-ohms or 2-ohms?

There is no way to say a 4 or a 2 ohm speaker is better. They are usually designed for specific purposes.2 ohm speakers are usually found in automotive applications. The reason for using 2 ohms i... Read More »

1,500,000 ohms=what M ohms?

1,000 is a thousand.1,000,000 is a million1,500,000 is 1.5 million.Can you take it from there... 1.5 M