What is a bad credit auto loan rate?

Answer A bad credit auto loan rate is usually much higher than interest rates charged to buyers with good credit. Lenders need to offset the risk of lending to someone with bad credit with higher interest... Read More »

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Auto Loan With No Credit History?

You may find that you can obtain an auto loan even if you do not have credit history. There are several avenues to explore, although the process may take time. You may find you need money down or h... Read More »

Will getting an auto loan improve my credit score?

Getting an auto loan can help your credit score in the long run if you make all your payments on time. It can hurt your score temporarily, however, if you are making too many inquiries on your cred... Read More »

How to Start Your Own Bad Credit Auto Loan Company?

Starting a business that fulfills a popular need can give you a niche for success. One such business in the automotive industry is a company that provides loans to consumers with bad credit. People... Read More »

Can i consolidate my credit card debt&auto loan into my mortgage?

On One Hand: It Can Be DoneWith a cash-out refinance mortgage, you can consolidate other debts, such as credit card and auto debt, into a long-term mortgage to reduce the overall interest rate paid... Read More »