What is a backhoe?

Answer A backhoe is a piece of heavy mobile construction equipment that is used for excavating. The backhoe has a bucket on the end of a long arm that digs debris out of the excavation Read More »

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How to Operate a Backhoe?

Operating a backhoeWhether you need a hole dug that is just too big to tackle with a shovel or other means, or you have a job that requires you to operate a backhoe, if you're planning on using one... Read More »

Who invented the backhoe?

The backhoe loader was invented by Joseph Cyril Bamford in 1954. By adding a backhoe and a bucket on to his standard farm tractor, Bamford developed this common piece of equipment in the United Kin... Read More »

What Is a Backhoe Loader?

A backhoe loader is a vehicular machine that is used for construction, landscaping and mining. The Institute of Quarrying says the machine carries a bucket in the front and also includes a backhoe ... Read More »

Who invented the backhoe loader?

Case Construction, a construction vehicle manufacturer, invented the backhoe loader in 1957 by creating an industrial tractor designed to include a backhoe in the rear and a loader in the front. It... Read More »