What is a backdoor trojan horse?

Answer A trojan horse is a malicious computer program that disguises itself as something harmless and then harm your computer. A backdoor trojan horse differs from a regular trojan horse in that it opens ... Read More »

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What is the Backdoor Trojan horse?

A Backdoor Trojan Horse is a dangerous type of malware, which hackers and attackers secretly install on computers. They open ports that give the user unauthorized remote access to a computer. This ... Read More »

Trojan Horse Backdoor Generic 15 removal?

What software is telling you it's a " Trojan horse backdoor generic 15"Let it remove it. If you do have a antivirus software, then USE IT.Sounds like a AVG detection, but can't be sure without fu... Read More »

How to Remove Trojan Horse Backdoor Generic9.Axzs?

Generic9.Axzs is a version of the Generic9 Trojan horse program that allows its controller to download more malware to the infected computer without the computer owner's knowledge. Generic9 creates... Read More »

What is the most dangerous computer virus, trojan horse, PUP, backdoor, worm, etc..., ever made?

i would have to say the BIOS virus, its called CIH and most modern BIOS's are patched against it. but think about it. the BIOS is the lowest level of your system, if that gets taken over, your pret... Read More »