What is a bachelor of arts in psychology?

Answer Working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology is a good idea for anyone interested in entering the fields of business, sales, marketing, social work or human resources. Some pursue psychol... Read More »

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Difference in a Bachelor of Liberal Studies and a Bachelor of Arts?

The liberal arts degree has a history as long as university education itself. When universities were first founded in the Middle Ages in Europe, students and professors alike believed that the goal... Read More »

Bachelor of Arts Vs. Bachelor of Science Degrees?

Choosing between liberal arts and sciences when enrolling in a bachelor's program can be a confusing decision to make for college aspirants. It is important that you understand your interests and c... Read More »

What is a bachelor of arts degree?

Bachelor of Arts degrees are awarded to students who complete their studies involving issues that affect modern-day society. After achieving a Bachelor of Arts degree, you can continue studying for... Read More »

What can i do with a bachelor of arts?

A bachelor of arts degree presents a wealth of opportunities for graduates. Earning the degree demonstrates you are capable of working hard to produce quality results. There are many things you can... Read More »