What is a bachelor of applied science degree?

Answer A bachelor of applied science is a degree that enables people to have a more specific education. says this degree is for those who already have undergraduate training. It requires hand... Read More »

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What can i do with my bachelor's degree in applied science?

A bachelor's degree in applied science is useful for working in the practical aspects of your area of study, such as medical services, architectural drafting or manufacturing. In addition, the bach... Read More »

The Difference in an Associate Degree in Arts and a Bachelor of Applied Science?

There are many differences between an associate degree in arts and a bachelor's degree in applied science, yet they are both collegiate degrees. An associate degree in arts is a two-year degree wit... Read More »

How to Get Into Graduate School With a Bachelor of Applied Arts & Science Degree?

Most bachelor of applied arts and science (BAAS) programs are non-traditional degree programs that allow students to obtain a baccalaureate degree, even when the student has a background in a techn... Read More »

The Difference in a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree?

Between the associate degree and the doctorate degree are several levels of higher education, which vary by length of study and specific programs required. A bachelor's degree, on average, requires... Read More »