What is a baby's last name for an unmarried couple?

Answer On One Hand: One parent's nameWhile legally a baby does not have to share a last name with either of its parents, general practice says that the baby should. The baby of an unmarried couple can hav... Read More »

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Can an unmarried couple get a mortgage to buy a house?

Yes, an unmarried couple can get a mortgage to buy a house together, if they meet the qualifications. Both parties should discuss how they will hold title (the right of ownership) to the home and w... Read More »

Who has primary custody if the couple is unmarried?

Answer In all US states the law presumes that, the mother of a child born as a result of a relationship outside of marriage retains sole custodial rights unless a court rules otherwise.If the fathe... Read More »

Can an unmarried couple living together share the same policy if they each have their own car?

Answer Yes, of course! Insurance companies love two-car policies and often offer discounts. Compare rates to see if it's cheaper to combine or have separate insurance. Each driver will be rated s... Read More »

The Advantages of an Unmarried Couple When Filing Taxes?

Although many say that marriage is bliss, a CPA's perspective is different. Although married couples enjoy preferential treatment in some areas of the tax code, in many other areas they are subject... Read More »