What is a snapping turtle called?

Answer The scientific name of the commonly called "snapping turtle" is Chelydra serpentine, according to the city of Manhattan, Kansas. According to the Wild Herps website, most of the subspecies of snapp... Read More »

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What is a male snapping turtle called?

Male snapping turtles are called just that: male snapping turtles. Turtles, including snapping turtles, do not have any alternate names associated with gender. Likewise, female snapping turtles are... Read More »

What TV show has a character called Turtle?

The show Entourage has a character named Sal who is also known as Turtle.

What do you call a baby turtle?

A baby turtle is known as a hatchling. Baby alligators and baby dinosaurs are also known as hatchlings. The name refers to the the fact that they were hatched from eggs.Source:Baby Names Etc.: Name... Read More »

What do you feed baby turtle doves?

Turtle doves feed primarily on seeds. A baby turtle dove's diet is similar to that of adults, but more care must be given when feeding a baby turtle dove. Doves do not store food, so a constant sup... Read More »