Omg! How much do lip piercings hurt .. U know the ones called snake bites Not actually bites from a snake?

Answer Not at all a shop will usr clamps that seperate the nerves which feels like a pinch that hurts more then the needle. Best to get one side done at a time tho due to swelling

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What is the name of a baby snake?

Most snakes hatch out of eggs laid by their mother. This leads to one common term used to refer to the babies: hatchlings. Otherwise, baby snakes are referred to simply as baby snakes.Source:"The A... Read More »

What was the children's TV show from the 1990's that featured a snake and a penguin called?

Eat them.Throw them at people.Paint them pink. It's Blue Peter, who actually watched that ?

Does a baby black snake look like a worm with a yellow ring around the neck?

A black racer snake is jet black as an adult. As a baby, it is often clay red and white. The adult and baby ringneck snake has a yellow, orange or brown ring around its neck, depending on its locat... Read More »

My baby sister wakes up and starts crying because she says a snake with breasts is coming after her and she really looks like she is seeing it. What coukld be the reason for this and whats the cure?

if she is around 2/7 years of age then its it is poss able to have her crying at night I'm in a family of 12 so I'm used to it. the cure is probley warm milk and Cookie so she knows your there for ... Read More »