What is a baby referred to after 8 weeks?

Answer Fetus

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What if baby born after 42 weeks?

It wont be something wrong with it because it's born after 42 weeks instead of 40. Might be bigger that's all. Most women go over the expected date.

What are the methods of terminating a baby after 3 weeks?

The only safe thing to do is to go to Planned Parenthood or to another medical clinic that performs abortions, and have a doctor do the abortion for you. In some cases, the abortion can be arranged... Read More »

Can you get rid of a baby after 12 weeks?

You can always put it up 4 adoption! Depending on who that dad is just keep it! can't do much harm then screw up your sleep!

Can a baby survive after 12 weeks?

ofcourse not...definitely not!!! it can survive at 6 months possibly just about but 7 months it should be okay..